Most Bulgarians Living Abroad Invest in Property Purchases in Their Homeland

Many Bulgarians living and working abroad are actively purchasing properties in their homeland. Despite the upward trajectory of apartment prices in Bulgaria, they remain among the most budget-friendly in Europe, making the country an attractive destination for investment among expatriates.

While some of them plan to eventually return to Bulgaria and reside in their purchased properties, others acquire homes for their children or purely for investment purposes. In Bulgaria, newly built homes typically come with basic finishing, leaving it up to the buyer to decide on further customization and the timeline for completion. For those intending to live in their purchased homes, expediency in finishing works is a priority, while for expats buying for investment, such concerns take a back seat.

The market sees a surplus of properties purchased as investments, with owners seeking to capitalize on the current high prices. While some offerings include well-appointed and furnished properties, they come with a higher price tag. Prospective buyers exercise caution, conducting thorough inspections to ensure they make the best choice for their needs.

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