AADE catches some big fish

[InTime News]

Incomes totaling around 1 billion euros were hidden by 1,048 taxpayers and businesses, but were revealed by the audits carried out last year by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE).

Each of these cases failed to declare an average of €871,000 in income to the tax authorities, with the missed revenue reaching a total of €437 million. In the special investigations carried out by the audit mechanism, bank accounts were opened, revealing undeclared incomes, as well as identifying rackets of issuing and receiving fictitious tax data, while a large amount of tax evasion was found in e-commerce and on order-taking platforms.

There was the impressive case of an individual active in the provision of lotteries, bingo and other services, where the authorities found undeclared commissions received and increased property from income from an unknown source, totaling ...

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