Argentina's Milei meets with Elon Musk in Texas

Elon Musk met with Argentine President Javier Milei on Friday at a Tesla plant in Austin, Texas, posting a picture of the pair happily giving thumbs-up signs.

Under the photo was written "Libertad", which is Spanish for "Freedom."

Milei shared on X, formerly Twitter, a picture of him and Musk shaking hands in a conference room, with a message saying long live freedom.

Milei and Musk "agreed on the need to free markets and defend the ideas of freedom" as well as the importance of eliminating bureaucratic obstacles to business, a spokeswoman for the presidency said in a statement.

The libertarian Argentine leader also offered to be an ally to Musk in his legal battle in Brazil, the spokeswoman added.

X owner Musk is under investigation in Brazil after he accused a Supreme Court judge of censoring social networks, calling him a "dictator" and vowing to disobey rulings blocking users found to be spreading disinformation.

Musk agreed to take part in an event in Argentina in the near future to promote ideas of freedom, according to Milei's spokeswoman.

Milei, a political outsider who won the presidency in November, is facing pushback on the streets and from some of his own conservative allies.

His government has rekindled debate over Argentina's military dictatorship by questioning the number of its victims, while also seeking a greater role for the armed forces in tackling ongoing security issues.

Argentina is home to deposits of lithium used for rechargeable batteries like those that power Tesla electric cars.

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