Fascinating possibilities from microsatellites outlined at Delphi forum

Minister of Digital Governance Dimitris Papastergiou on Friday expounded on all the possibilities that low-orbit satellites offer. 

"When there are floods, fires, various urban planning issues, the solution comes from above," he said, speaking at the Delphi Economic Forum. 

"With the microsatellite system, we will have information with enormous accuracy for all those who need it for civil protection, urban planning, for the beaches as regards the illegal use of beaches. A huge opportunity and a huge challenge for an engineer to explore parts he didn't have in mind," Papastergiou stressed. 

The minister also referred to the AI digital assistant that began operating on December 12, saying that "every day people search and find solutions. More than five to six thousand questions every day, more than 650 thousand questions in total - if we extrapolate this to phone...

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