MEP Radan Kanev: Schengen Entry Vital for Bulgaria's Border Security

Speaking in Pleven, MEP Radan Kanev emphasized the advantages of Bulgaria's forthcoming entry into the Schengen area, particularly in bolstering efforts to combat smuggling along its borders. Kanev stressed that stricter controls enforced by European institutions would enhance Bulgaria's ability to tackle criminal networks engaging in illicit activities.

Highlighting the nation's current challenges in combating smuggling, Kanev underscored the significance of establishing the Schengen external European border. He noted that Bulgaria would benefit from the support of stronger European institutions, which would directly impact criminal activities such as illegal trafficking through border checkpoints like "Kapitan Andreevo."

Moreover, Kanev emphasized the importance of Bulgaria's integration into the Eurozone, citing benefits such as enhanced supervision over potential financial frauds, particularly in the banking sector. However, he noted that areas such as insurance activities and pension funds still require full European oversight.

Looking ahead, Kanev outlined key priorities for the next European Parliament, including expanding the powers, budget, and staff of the European Public Prosecutor's Office. Additionally, he advocated for the development of a common European security and defense policy, along with initiatives for a unified European health and pharmaceutical policy and a more robust industrial strategy.

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