Bulgarian Resident in Israel Recounts Night of Terror

Screenshot @NovaTV

As tensions escalate in Israel following a barrage of rocket attacks from Iran, Bulgarian expatriate Rina Bakalov shares her harrowing experience of waiting anxiously for hours as rockets flew towards the country. Speaking to Nova TV, Bakalov described the unnerving atmosphere, stating, "We haven't slept during the night." Unlike previous attacks that caught residents off guard, this time they were prepared, waiting vigilantly as rockets targeted various locations, including Jerusalem and the holy site of Al-Aqsa.

Reflecting on the gravity of the situation, Bakalov noted that the rockets did not directly hit any targets but left one child injured, who was promptly rushed to the hospital for medical attention. Despite the heightened alert, she mentioned that schools remained closed while public transport and other services continued to operate. Additionally, Bakalov mentioned that the airport was anticipated to resume flights in the evening, providing some relief amidst the ongoing tension.

Another resident, Roden Decalo, shared his perspective, indicating that they only heard the sound of planes in their area, highlighting the pervasive sense of unease across the region. With the situation unfolding just a week before the Easter holidays, planned field trips for children were canceled, keeping them at home while adults continued to navigate daily life amidst the uncertainty.

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