PM unveils four-pronged eco-protection strategy

File photo.

Ahead of the Our Ocean conference in Athens this week, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed that Greece is quietly but methodically playing a leading role in defending itself against dramatic climate change, from agricultural production and tourism to the safety and health of its citizens. 

In an article he wrote for Kathimerini, Mitsotakis outlined a national strategy based of four pillars. This first aims to expedite the green transition so that Greece will gradually meet its electricity needs from natural sources - "60% this year and 80% in 2030. With the aim, immediately afterwards, of not only being self-sufficient in clean and cheap energy, but also of exporting it," he noted. 

The second pillar is the fortification of the country and the state against natural disasters, with efforts under way to organize, staff and equip civil protection services with...

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