The World At War: Direct and Unprecedented Attack Against Israel by Iran

Iran launched a significant attack on Israel, firing numerous drones and missiles, which both Tel Aviv and Tehran confirmed. The attack was purportedly in retaliation for Israel's assault on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, resulting in casualties. The tensions between the two nations escalated further following Iran's capture of an Israeli billionaire's cargo ship in the Strait of Hormuz.

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari acknowledged the attack, stating that Iran had launched unmanned aerial vehicles into Israeli territory. Israel's defense systems were on high alert, prepared to intercept and neutralize the incoming threats. Each drone reportedly carried explosives, and Israel's air defenses were ready to counter them.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured the nation of readiness to defend against any threat, emphasizing Israel's strength and international support. Meanwhile, countries in the Middle East, including Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt, closed their airspace in response to the escalating situation.

If Israel doesn't respond, Iran will make this the new normal. If Israel does respond, the world will accuse it of warmongering. That's how the other side works

— Jake Wallis Simons (@JakeWSimons) April 14, 2024

Iran justified the attack as a response to aggression against its diplomatic mission in Damascus, citing Article 51 of the UN Charter. Tehran cautioned the US against intervention, declaring the matter closed unless Israel provoked further conflict.

The Iranian drones breached Israeli airspace, prompting air raid sirens and interceptions over Tel Aviv. Despite most drones being intercepted, some missiles caused minor damage and injuries in southern...

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