Bulgaria's Armoured Personnel Carriers En Route to Aid Ukraine

@Ministry of Defense

In a significant move towards bolstering security in the Black Sea region, the Turkish Parliament has ratified a memorandum paving the way for the establishment of a Mine Countermeasures Naval Group. This development was underscored by Bulgaria's Caretaker Defence Minister, Atanas Zapryanov, during the Black Sea security conference held in Sofia.

Minister Zapryanov heralded the ratification as a pivotal step, signaling the readiness to operationalize the agreement and enhance maritime security in the Black Sea. The memorandum's implementation marks a collaborative effort among regional stakeholders to safeguard vital sea lanes and promote stability in the region.

Furthermore, Minister Zapryanov unveiled plans for Bulgaria's proactive support to Ukraine, highlighting the approval of two aid packages by the Bulgarian parliament. Notably, armoured personnel carriers have already been dispatched to Ukraine in three echelons, demonstrating Bulgaria's commitment to assisting its neighbor in the face of ongoing challenges.

Addressing the broader geopolitical context, Minister Zapryanov emphasized the inseparable link between Black Sea security and the resolution of Russian aggression in Ukraine. The Black Sea serves as a crucial artery for communication and trade between Europe and Asia, underpinning vital economic interests for countries in the region. With over 70 percent of Bulgaria's foreign trade traversing the sea, alongside significant reliance from Romania and Ukraine, ensuring maritime stability is paramount to safeguarding economic prosperity and regional peace.

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