Deadlock grips top appeals court in election for new head

The Court of Appeals on April 15 once again failed to elect a new president in the 16th round of the election that has been underway since the end of March, finding itself in a deadlock.

Current president Mehmet Akarca received 109 votes, Ömer Kerkez 88 and Muhsin Şentürk 105 in the 16th round of the voting. With a recorded participation of 318 members in the election, four blank votes were cast, and 12 votes were declared invalid.

Due to the expiration of Akarca's four-year term, 348 members cast their votes for the elections for the first time on March 25.

Initially, none of the five candidates vying in the race could secure the required 175 votes to claim the presidential seat, leading to subsequent rounds of voting among the top three candidates and then two finalists.

With the 15th round yielding no result, a new round of voting with the three candidates willing to run again took place on April 15 following the Eid holiday break.

Due to the failure to achieve an absolute majority, the election will continue with its 17th round on April 16. A quorum of the absolute majority of the total membership is required for the elections.

Meanwhile, the term of office for the current president of the Council of State, Zeki Yiğit, is also set to expire on May 7. According to legislation, the election process for the high court will commence on April 23.

All 113 members of the Council of State are eligible to become candidates. To secure the position, a candidate must obtain an absolute majority vote from the members.




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