Greek Islands offering visa-on-arrival witness surge in Turkish tourists

The implementation of visa-on-arrival applications for several Greek Islands has sparked significant interest among Turkish tourists, with Rhodes emerging as a particularly popular destination.

Over 5,000 Turkish visitors crossed from Marmaris and Fethiye in the western province of Muğla to Rhodes Island during the week-long holiday period.

The convergence of the Eid al-Fitr holiday with the introduction of visa-on-arrival services for 10 Greek islands which started on April 1 has led to a surge in Turkish tourist arrivals to these destinations.

Recep Yavuz, a tour operator facilitating travel to the islands, estimates that according to the information he received from company officials operating ferry services from Marmaris Port, the number of Turkish guests going to the islands during the holiday exceeded 20,000, including over 5,000 to Rhodes, 4,000 to Kos, 3,000 to Samos, 3,000 to Chios, 5,000 to Lesbos and 1,000 to Meis from Fethiye and Marmaris.

"Hotels, restaurants and ferries on the islands have been full of Turks since the first day of the holiday. Rhodes, which can be reached by a one-hour ferry from Marmaris, has become one of the most preferred islands," Yavuz stated.

Businesses on the islands, which have been dormant during the winter marked the tourism season earlier than usual this year with the recent influx of Turkish tourists.

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