Ivan Geshev: Boyko Borissov is Behind the Attempt on my Life

Former prosecutor general Ivan Geshev has pointed fingers at GERB leader Boyko Borissov, alleging his involvement in an assassination attempt against him. Geshev made these explosive claims following his interrogation by the National Investigation Service (NIS), during which the topic of discussion centered around a car explosion targeting Geshev's vehicle a year ago.

The interrogation, lasting an hour, saw Geshev express his insistence on questioning Borissov and Gabriel, although he was informed that they would not be interrogated. Geshev reiterated his demand for a direct face-to-face meeting with Boyko Borissov, vowing to continue pressing for his interrogation.

Commenting on recent political scandals within the Ministry of Internal Affairs and customs, Geshev shed light on a smuggling channel allegedly safeguarded in recent years. He alleged that the motive behind breaking this channel, leading to the detention of Customs Agency head Petya Bankova, was to replace the chief secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and gain control of the illicit operation.

Regarding leaked information implicating former general secretary Zhivko Kotsev in connections with participants in the smuggling channel, Geshev emphasized the broader context of the issue. He emphasized that beyond the existence of the smuggling channel itself, the overarching concern was the manipulation of the judiciary, electoral financing, and control over key governmental positions.

Geshev asserted that Kotsev's connections with the alleged smugglers were known two years prior, indicating a systemic problem within governmental structures. He underscored the significance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Customs Agency in electoral outcomes, implying a nexus...

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