Parliament reconvenes with fresh agenda after recess

The Turkish parliament is set to reconvene on April 16 with a fresh agenda that spans a range of critical issues after a hiatus of about one and a half months owing to the March 31 local elections and ensuing Eid al-Fitr.

Among the priority topics awaiting deliberation is a bill aimed at curbing the illegal use of licensed firearms and extending the retirement age for top police chiefs from 55 to 65.

Additionally, proposed regulations in the realms of public health, a new judicial reform package and reconsideration of policies concerning crypto assets, tourist guides, road tolls, navigational safety and ship mooring fees are also slated for discussion.

The parliamentary session will commence its weekly proceedings by addressing a bill concerning the energy sector. The bill encompasses numerous regulations pertaining to domestic energy production, the importation of natural gas from various sources, and the liquefaction of gas within Türkiye for global export as liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Notably, a proposal related to mining safety, withdrawn prior to the elections following a landslide at a gold mine in the eastern city of Erzurum that left nine workers trapped, will be revisited.

Moreover, the forthcoming legislative session includes components of a collective judicial reform package to be presented by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) this month.

Alongside amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure, provisions revoking the obligation for women to adopt their husband's surname and regulations concerning prepayment for certain crimes will be incorporated into the package.

Scheduled group meetings of political parties represented in parliament will occur on April 16 and 17. President and AKP leader...

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