Runciman Award judges unveil 2024 shortlist

The judging panel for the Anglo-Hellenic League Runciman Award, presented annually for a book about Greece, has finalized the shortlist for the 2024 competition. Out of their long list of 24 books announced in January, the judges have selected seven books for their short list.  

The shortlisted books are as follows:

  • "Living for Pleasure: An Epicurean Guide to Life" by Emily A. Austin (OUP)
  • "Alexandria: The City That Changed the World" by Islam Issa (Sceptre - Hodder & Stoughton) 
  • "The Grid" by Eli Payne Mandel (Carcanet) 
  • "How To Be: Life Lessons from the Early Greeks" by Adam Nicolson (Harper Collins)
  • "Justinian: Emperor, Soldier, Saint" by Peter Sarris (John Murray)
  • "Greekling" by Kostya Tsolakis (Nine Arches)
  • "The Iliad" by Homer, translated by Emily Wilson (W.W. Norton & Co.)

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