Brnabic: Imposing of Srebrenica resolution violence against law

BELGRADE/BANJALUKA - Imposing a Srebrenica resolution on the UN General Assembly agenda is a culmination of violence against law, a scandal and a precedent, Serbian Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic said on Tuesday.

Speaking to Republika Srpska public broadcaster RTRS, Brnabic said the proposed resolution breached the Dayton peace agreement as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina's constitution as the country's tripartite presidency had not voted on the matter, which she said was an "incomprehensible scandal."

"Our priority is to talk to as many UN member states as possible and to tell them the truth and what this is about. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is also personally engaged on this matter. To all those who want to accuse Serbia of interfering in the affairs of another country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, I will say that Serbia not only has the full right but also the...

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