Brnabic: Manoeuvring space in CoE small but truth and justice on our side

BELGRADE - Serbian Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic said on Tuesday Serbia's manoeuvring space regarding a proposal to admit the so-called Kosovo to the Council of Europe (CoE) was very small, but noted that "the truth and justice are on our side."

"Winning this fight will be difficult, but the truth and justice are on our side. It is completely clear that establishment of a Community of Serb Municipalities, stopping illegal (land) expropriation in the north of Kosovo-Metohija and returning land to the Visoki Decani monastery were the three preconditions (for Pristina's potential CoE admission). I would like to thank those who said this erodes the credibility of the CoE and that after this, if this is pushed through, the CoE will not even mean anything," Brnabic told reporters when asked about an amendment submitted by Hungary and Italy to make forming the Community a...

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