Bulgarian Prime Minister Proposes Foreign Minister Replacement after Instructions from Borissov

Mitov (left) and Dimitrov (right)

Amidst a flurry of political maneuvers, Bulgaria finds itself in the midst of a cabinet reshuffle that could have far-reaching implications for its foreign policy. Acting Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev has proposed the replacement of Stefan Dimitrov as Foreign Minister with Daniel Mitov from GERB.

The decision to replace Dimitrov comes after GERB leader Boyko Borissov reportedly expressed concerns about Bulgaria's stance on supporting Ukraine. Borissov allegedly instructed Glavchev to relieve Dimitrov of his duties, citing fears that Dimitrov might backtrack on Bulgaria's international commitments. In a meeting with sympathizers, Borissov criticized Dimitrov for deviating from the established foreign policy doctrine and threatened to withdraw support if action wasn't taken.

Responding to this pressure, Acting Prime Minister Glavchev proposed to President Radev changes within the caretaker cabinet, proposing Mitov as Dimitrov's replacement. The move, according to the Prime Minister's office, is aimed at ensuring "timely and responsible coordination and communication" within the cabinet and with Bulgaria's allies and partners.

Daniel Mitov has been foreign minister before - first in 2014, when President Rosen Plevneliev appointed him to the position in the caretaker government of Georgi Bliznashki. Mitov retained his post in the subsequent regular government - the second one of Boyko Borissov

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