Extreme weather, extreme cost

[Nicolas Hatzipolitis/EPA]

The cost Greece pays due to extreme weather phenomena is now 50 times more compared to 2013, and these are costs paid by the state, the citizens, and large and small businesses. The latter indeed paid a heavy price in 2023, especially in areas affected by extreme weather events, such as Thessaly.

In order to shield businesses from the effects of the climate crisis, it is estimated that investments in the order of 15 billion euros are required until 2030. In fact, these investments, according to a study by the National Bank of Greece, could bring net benefits of €10-40 billion by 2030. 

The concern for this year has already begun, both because of last year's experience as well as due to the very high temperatures and the occurrence of forest fires from as early as the end of March, so that more and more businesses are getting themselves insured, as well as taking...

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