Türkiye indispensable actor for global peace: Defense Minister

Türkiye has become an indispensable and efficient actor for global peace and security, Defense Minister Yaşar Güler has said, recalling the country's role in preventing and de-escalating regional conflicts.

"Our country is an indispensable and efficient actor in international platforms in preventing regional conflicts and de-escalating them," Defense Minister Güler said in a videoconference he held with the participation of Chief of General Staff Gen. Metin Gürak and other senior commanders on April 16.

"Located in an important and critical geography, Türkiye makes significant contributions to international security, peace and stability as a reflection of its deep-rooted and strategic approach," he stated.

Türkiye's strategic stance, due to the sensitivity of its location, is being reflected in almost all arenas, the defense minister suggested.

"In this context, the professional, technical and controlled stance we take in the face of critical developments around us enables us to take rational and acceptable steps towards the permanent solution of problems," he underlined.

This stance by Türkiye is appreciated by the country's counterparts through bilateral and international platforms, Güler recalled, adding Türkiye will continue its efforts for global peace and security in the country's immediate neighborhood and in the world through amiable relations with neighboring countries and allies.

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