Ukraine Struggles to Defend Key Power Plants Amid Missile Shortage

Ukraine's ability to protect its crucial power infrastructure has been severely compromised due to a shortage of anti-aircraft missiles, President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed in an interview with the American PBS channel.

In recent weeks, Russia has intensified its attacks on Ukraine's energy facilities, culminating in a devastating strike on the Trypilska thermal power plant on March 11. The plant, which supplies electricity to the Kyiv capital region, fell victim to 11 missiles, with only 7 intercepted by Ukraine's anti-aircraft defense. The remaining projectiles successfully targeted and destroyed the vital facility, leaving a significant dent in Ukraine's energy capabilities.

The dire situation at the Trypilska plant highlights Ukraine's vulnerability to Russian aggression and underscores the urgent need for bolstered defenses. With the country's anti-aircraft systems running out of ammunition, critical infrastructure remains exposed to further attacks, posing a grave threat to national security and stability.

The loss of the Trypilska plant's 1800-megawatt capacity has dealt a severe blow to Ukraine's energy supply, exacerbating an already challenging situation caused by ongoing hostilities. Compounding the issue, spring storms have caused additional disruptions to the energy grid, leaving hundreds of villages without power across multiple regions.

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