Vucic: I do not understand why US, Germany want Srebrenica resolution

MOSTAR - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Tuesday he did not understand why countries like Germany and the US wanted a Srebrenica resolution passed in the UN as it was "deeply divisive for peoples in the Balkans" and taking them back to the past.

"It is a topic that is deeply divisive even for the country we are in right now," Vucic told reporters during a visit to the Mostar International Economic Fair, in a comment on a draft Srebrenica resolution tabled in the UN General Assembly.

"I do not understand why someone has done that out of a desire to spark additional conflicts. I understand what the Bosniaks want, but I cannot understand what it is that the Germans, Americans, and everyone else, want," he said.

Instead of talking about the future, cooperation and the economy, we are going back to the past, he said. <...

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