Borissov: GERB Will Be Responsible for the MFA if Mitov is Appointed as Minister

Boyko Borissov and Daniel Mitov

Amidst the political discourse in Bulgaria, Boyko Borissov, leader of the GERB party, has asserted that GERB will assume responsibility for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if Daniel Mitov is appointed as minister. Borissov emphasized the shared responsibility of the National Assembly, comprising GERB, WCC-DB, and DPS, for the caretaker cabinet, stating that the Constitution's design shifts the burden of selecting a caretaker government from the presidency to the parliament. Why is Mitov considered for the Foreign Ministry post read here.

Addressing concerns about ministerial appointments, Borissov noted dissatisfaction within GERB regarding the composition of the caretaker government, particularly the inclusion of ministers from WCC-DB. While Borissov distanced himself from personnel decisions, he underscored the need to uphold the doctrine of the regular government.

Meanwhile, Delyan Peevski, co-chairman of DPS, urged prompt action to fill the vacant foreign minister position, emphasizing the importance of Bulgaria maintaining diplomatic representation. Peevski called upon the prime minister to swiftly complete the composition of deputy ministers and urged the president to fulfill constitutional duties without delay.

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