Major Flooding in UAE: Dubai Airport Turned Into a Lake

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was plunged into chaos as heavy rains lashed the region, causing widespread flooding and the closure of Dubai Airport. According to reports from local authorities, the rainfall exceeded the annual average, leading to significant disruptions across the country.

The deluge resulted in the inundation of roads and the Dubai Airport premises, including its runways, forcing authorities to suspend flight operations temporarily. The closure affected both inbound and outbound flights, with over 100 flights expected to be impacted by the adverse weather conditions.

In response to the emergency, some schools suspended classes, and civil servants transitioned to remote work arrangements. Emergency services mobilized efforts to pump water from the streets, grappling with the aftermath of the severe weather.

Dubai Airport right now
Dubai is underwater and is on
The biggest flood since 1999

— Mr. Haque (@MrHaque_) April 17, 2024

The UAE was not the only country affected by the inclement weather, as neighboring Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia also experienced heavy rains. In Oman, the situation was dire, with at least 18 fatalities reported due to the adverse weather conditions in recent days.

Dubai, known as the Middle East's financial hub, bore the brunt of the torrential rains, which paralyzed the city and surrounding areas. The scenes of flooding and chaos underscored the severity of the weather event and its impact on daily life in the region.

The disruption extended to Dubai International Airport, the world's busiest air hub for international passengers, where operations were briefly suspended amid the storm. The airport's...

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