Weather In Bulgaria On April 18: Expect Rain and Cooler Tempretures

Overnight, the precipitation zone will gradually shift eastward, with significant amounts expected in parts of Central and Eastern Bulgaria, accompanied by thunderstorms. Winds in the eastern half of the country will mostly come from the west-northwest, blowing at moderate speeds. Minimum temperatures will range between 5°C and 10°C, with around 5°C expected in Sofia.

Cloud cover will remain significant throughout tomorrow. Rain in Eastern Bulgaria will persist into the morning hours but is expected to cease quickly. By midday and afternoon, precipitation is forecasted in many areas of the southwestern half of the country, particularly in the Rhodope region. Windy conditions will persist, with moderate winds expected, and in the Danubian plain, winds will be strong from the northwest. Colder air will accompany the wind. Maximum temperatures will range between 13°C and 18°C, with around 13°C expected in Sofia.

In mountainous areas, cloudiness will be significant with precipitation, and above 1300 m, rain is expected to change to snow. A moderate west-northwest wind will prevail. At 1200 m elevation, the maximum temperature will be around 7°C, dropping to around minus 1°C at 2000 m.

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