Bulgarian National Assembly Halts Meetings Amid Election Campaign

The majority in the Bulgarian National Assembly has opted to suspend regular plenary sessions and committee meetings for the duration of the pre-election campaign leading up to the parliamentary elections. The decision, which comes amidst a backdrop of heightened political tension and anticipation, has elicited both support and criticism from various quarters.

With 140 votes in favor from the GERB, WCC-DB, and DPS factions, the proposal to halt meetings until the convening of the newly elected National Assembly received majority approval. However, the opposition voiced dissent, voting against the measure. The decision effectively puts a pause on legislative activities, with the exception of written responses from members of the government.

Amid deliberations, a proposal by the BSP to maintain regular parliamentary control despite the suspension of meetings was rejected, further fueling contention over the course of action taken by the Assembly. Additionally, it was agreed that MPs' salaries would continue to be accrued from the day of swearing-in until the day preceding the swearing-in of MPs elected to the next parliament.

In a bid to enhance transparency and accountability, the Assembly also approved amendments requiring biannual reports from the Commission for Combating Corruption and the Commission for Confiscation of Illegally Acquired Property. Furthermore, hearings of the chairpersons and members of these commissions will be conducted periodically to scrutinize their performance and efficacy.

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