Former Interior Ministry Chief Implicated in Alleged Criminal Network: Bulgaria's Latest Political Storm

In a latest twist to the unfolding saga of political intrigue, the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has announced charges against former Interior Ministry Secretary General Zhivko Kotsev, implicating him in an alleged criminal group alongside Petya Bankova, Marin Dimitrov, and Stefan Dimitrov. The development sheds light on a shadowy nexus of power and influence within Bulgaria's corridors of authority.

Kotsev, who remains at liberty on a bail of BGN 20,000, appeared before the Counter-Corruption Commission accompanied by his legal counsel, Ilian Vassilev and Daniela Dokovska. In a staunch defense of their client, Vassilev asserted Kotsev's innocence, vowing to vindicate his name in due course. However, Kotsev refrained from addressing the media directly, maintaining a stoic silence amidst mounting scrutiny.

The sequence of events leading to Kotsev's legal entanglement traces back to his resignation from the Interior Ministry on April 4, a decision subsequently rescinded amid claims of coercion. The ensuing political fallout saw then-Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov embroiled in the controversy, prompting intervention by ad hoc prosecutor Daniela Taleva.

On April 9, Dimitar Glavchev's interim government took decisive action, recommending to President Rumen Radev the termination of Kotsev's official duties. Radev swiftly acted on the proposal, stripping Kotsev of his powers and appointing Chief Commissioner Dimitar Kangaldzhiev as interim secretary general, marking a pivotal juncture in Bulgaria's administrative landscape.

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