Mytilineos and Protergia launch energy provenance tracking with Powerledger

Strategic deal. PPC and Mytilineos announced on Thursday their strategic agreement for common activities abroad worth 2 billion euros in the next three years. It provides for developing photovoltaics up to 2 gigawatts in Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. The Cooperation Framework Agreement is seen as a landmark for the role Greek firms can play abroad.

Mytilineos announced on Wednesday that its energy arm, Protergia, will introduce energy provenance tracking and tracing features in Greece, in partnership with Powerledger.

With the Powerledger platform, Mytilineos and Protergia's consumers can now track, trace and visualize where their energy comes from in near-real time, and track their carbon footprint granularly.

At the same time, they can take action regarding their energy consumption, shifting it to a time with a greener energy supply or investing in storage solutions.

The platform can also help them make smarter procurement decisions, such as signing power purchase agreements (PPAs) that contribute to a more hybrid energy portfolio, adapting better to their energy needs.

As part of the partnership, the two companies are also delivering smart solutions like green energy tracking and price discovery...

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