An opportunity for Israel

Smoke rises from an Israeli border town as a result of a rocket launched from southern Lebanon, as seen from Israel, on 17 April 2024. [Atef Safadi/EPA]

Iran's failed missile attack against Israel offers the latter an opportunity to reverse the negative environment on the public relations front.

At an operational level, both its own deterrent capabilities and its network of international partnerships with countries such as the United States, Britain and France, as well as neighbors such as Jordan, made it possible to shoot down almost all incoming Iranian drones and missiles.

On the diplomatic front, Iran's attack in a way has changed the international equation. From being seen as the aggressor in the last six months, as it reacted to the last October's terrorist attack by Hamas, and being harshly criticized by some countries and strongly encouraged by its allies, including the US, to accept a ceasefire, it is now in the position of the victim.

Just because it managed to withstand Iran's attack, this doesn't...

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