Prime Minister Glavchev: Bulgaria Stands Firm with Ukraine

In a recent meeting of the European Council, Acting Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev underscored Bulgaria's unwavering support for Ukraine amidst discussions surrounding the fight against disinformation and foreign manipulation of information. The European leaders addressed the upcoming elections for the European Parliament, emphasizing the importance of cohesive action among member states to combat disinformation effectively.

Glavchev reiterated Bulgaria's commitment to aligning with European conclusions aimed at safeguarding against vulnerabilities posed by disinformation. He emphasized the need for synchronized efforts to monitor and limit risks arising from disinformation, including those posed by artificial intelligence.

Regarding Ukraine, the Acting Prime Minister reaffirmed Bulgaria's staunch support, stating, "We support Ukraine in every possible way. We support the European position." He also highlighted potential sources of assistance, such as utilizing revenues from frozen Russian assets estimated at around 2.5 to 3 billion euros.

Moreover, Glavchev echoed the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security, Josep Borrell's call for the swift provision of anti-missile systems to Kyiv. Bulgaria stands in solidarity with this initiative, emphasizing the urgency of providing necessary defense mechanisms to Ukraine.

Additionally, the Acting Prime Minister informed European colleagues about Bulgaria's domestic developments, focusing on constitutional changes and preparations for the upcoming elections on June 9. Notably, he highlighted Bulgaria's support for resuming EU dialogue with Turkey, aiming to expand discussions on association and modernization within the European Union.

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