Ukraine Issues Stark Warning: Third World War if Russia Prevails!

Ukraine's Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, issued a stark warning, stating that a third world war would erupt if Russia emerged victorious in the ongoing conflict. The caution coincides with a crucial vote in the US Congress on providing substantial military aid to Kyiv.

Shmygal emphasized the urgent need for military support, stressing that delays could lead to catastrophic consequences for Ukraine and global security. The warning comes amid escalating tensions and a disproportionate balance of power in favor of Russia on the battlefield.

In response to the impending vote, US President Joe Biden pledged immediate support for Ukraine, signaling a shift in Republican opposition that had previously blocked military aid. European allies also echoed calls for assistance, with EU High Representative Josep Borrell urging proactive measures to bolster Ukraine's defenses.

However, the Kremlin dismissed the aid as part of Washington's colonial policy, asserting that it would not significantly impact the conflict. Despite mounting pressure, Russia intensified attacks on Ukrainian territory, targeting critical infrastructure and exacerbating energy shortages.

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