Ukrainian Woman Detained in Sunny Beach After Attempted Bribery of Police Officers

In Sunny Beach, Bulgarian authorities found themselves grappling with a peculiar case involving a 60-year-old Ukrainian woman. The woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, fell into the hands of law enforcement after attempting to bribe police officers during a routine inspection, as reported by

The sequence of events commenced on the afternoon of April 17 when vigilant officers from the Police Precinct-Nessebar spotted a car with Ukrainian registration blatantly disregarding a red traffic signal while en route to Sveti Vlas. Promptly intervening, the police halted the vehicle, revealing that the driver was none other than the aforementioned Ukrainian national, holding temporary residence in the Sunny Beach locale.

Upon closer scrutiny, the situation took an unexpected turn when, amidst the inspection, the Ukrainian woman surreptitiously approached the official police vehicle and covertly slipped two BGN 20 banknotes into the compartment. This brazen attempt to sway law enforcement did not go unnoticed, triggering the initiation of fast-track proceedings in the case.

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