Brnabic: Regardless of challenges, Serbia and Srpska must stick together

BANJALUKA - Serbian Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic said in Banjaluka on Thursday evening that, regardless of the challenges they faced, Serbia and Republika Srpska must stick together and that, unlike some before them, those who were in power in Serbia now would always stand with Republika Srpska and the Serbs.

"Regardless all the challenges and misfortunes we are facing together. However difficult the times and however complex the challenges may be, it is important that we stick together, that we get together, that we help each other and that we are always one in our national being," Brnabic said in a speech at a Srpska Is Calling You rally, held in response to a draft Srebrenica resolution to be debated in the UN General Assembly in May.

Brnabic said she wanted to send three messages from the gathering.

"My first message is that Serbia has always been and...

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