Bulgaria Prepares for Possible Evacuation Amid Escalating Israel-Iran Tensions

Photo: Stella Ivanova

Amid escalating tensions between Israel and Iran, the Bulgarian government is closely monitoring the situation and stands prepared for the potential evacuation of Bulgarian citizens, announced the Council of Ministers.

According to government sources, the Bulgarian Prime Minister and relevant departments are in coordination, ensuring vigilance and readiness to respond to any developments in the Middle East. However, authorities emphasize that there is currently no direct military threat to Bulgaria.

The latest turmoil erupted on Friday when Israel reportedly conducted strikes against Iran. Initially believed to be missile attacks, it was later clarified by US officials that drones were involved in the operation, as reported by the BBC.

Notably, an explosion was heard northwest of Isfahan, Iran's third-largest city. Isfahan province hosts critical military installations, including an air force base and a missile manufacturing complex. While part of Iran's nuclear program is situated in the region, reports assure that nuclear sites remained unaffected, with no associated danger.

In response to the attack on its diplomatic mission in Damascus, Iran retaliated on Saturday night by launching drones and missiles towards Israel.

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