Bulgaria's Domestic Violence Statistics: 80% Male Perpetrators, 20% Female

In Bulgaria, a stark reality persists regarding domestic violence, as highlighted by Assoc. Dr. Aleksey Pamporov from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Speaking at an International Scientific Conference commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Bulgarian Law on Protection from Discrimination, Pamporov underscored that men are perpetrators in 80% of domestic violence cases, while women account for 20%.

This revelation sheds light on the prevailing gender dynamics within domestic settings in Bulgaria, where male dominance in perpetrating violence remains a significant concern. While these statistics are troubling, Pamporov also noted that there are countries where the distribution of perpetrators is more evenly balanced between genders.

Assoc. Dr. Ana Djumalieva, chairwoman of the Commission for Protection against Discrimination, lauded Bulgaria's robust legal framework for combating discrimination, asserting that it ranks among the best in Europe. She emphasized the country's commitment to promoting equality before the law, equal opportunities, and equal participation in public life.

However, Prof. Dr. Ruzha Smilova from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" raised concerns about the overshadowing of gender discrimination issues amidst Bulgaria's transition period. Despite progress in various spheres, discrimination against women has often been relegated to the background.

Reflecting on the broader societal discourse on rights and obligations, Prof. Dr. Veselin Metodiev, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the New Bulgarian University (NBU), emphasized the need for a balanced understanding. He suggested that while individuals assert their rights, there is a corresponding obligation for...

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