Stano: Pristina to face consequences if it fails to form Serb municipalities

BRUSSELS - Commenting on the 11th anniversary of the Brussels Agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, EU spokesperson Peter Stano said on Friday all commitments from that agreement as a valid document must be implemented, and noted that Pristina would face consequences in case it failed to form a Community of Serb Municipalities.

Asked by Tanjug how the EU could influence Pristina to meet that commitment from the agreement and whether the deal was still a valid document for Brussels, Stano responded:

"Of course, it is a valid document. All the agreements reached within the EU-facilitated dialogue are valid documents, are a valid commitment, and they need to be implemented. They need to be honoured, and this is something we keep repeating to the partners."

"We were very clear in stressing that the implementation is the key, and the same goes for all the...

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