Two paradoxes in a row

Threats to growth. Greece has one of the highest growth rates in the eurozone, but economists warn that its gross domestic product will be negatively affected via exports and tourism.

On what criteria is Greece's European strategy based? The question arises from our country's completely paradoxical attitude on two major issues: first, the single market, and second, the debate on the joint defense bonds. 

The first issue is the fragmentation of the single market - the EU's crowning achievement. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the most powerful European states have strengthened their own businesses at the expense of weaker countries, giving them state aid that violates the principles of the market and distorts the rules of competition. These countries turn - in a very own way - the crisis into an opportunity, by subsidizing their companies to expand their market shares, displace their competitors in poorer countries, and in the next phase possibly buy them out.

As things stand, the economic ministers of 11 EU states (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Poland,...

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