Bulgarian Chess Sensation Nurgyul Salimova Fights to Draw Against Russian Opponent

In a thrilling showdown at the Women's World Chess Title Challenger Tournament in Toronto, Bulgarian chess sensation Nurgyul Salimova showcased her resilience and strategic prowess as she battled Russian opponent Kateryna Lagno to a hard-fought draw.

Facing off in her 13th game on Canadian soil, the 20-year-old Salimova, playing with the white pieces, found herself in a precarious position against the formidable Lagno. However, displaying remarkable composure and tactical acumen, Salimova navigated her way out of the challenging situation, ultimately forcing a draw on the 45th move of the match.

With this result, Salimova secured a commendable 5 points in the tournament, putting her in a joint seventh position alongside Ukrainian competitor Anna Muzychuk.

Despite Lagno's strong performance throughout the tournament, Salimova's debut against the Russian proved to be a testament to her skill and resilience on the chessboard. Despite losing the initiative in the middle game and finding herself a pawn down, Salimova made a bold decision to sacrifice a piece, ultimately turning the tide in her favor. Lagno, caught off guard by Salimova's unexpected move, struggled to regain her footing, ultimately succumbing to the Bulgarian's strategic maneuvers.

In the upcoming final round on Sunday, Salimova will face another formidable opponent in the form of Russian chess player Aleksandra Goryachkina, as she seeks to conclude the tournament on a high note.

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