Bulgarian Unions Propose Ending Salary Secrecy Amid Workplace Rights Concerns

The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria (CITUB) is set to unveil a comprehensive report highlighting workplace rights violations, with a notable focus on gender disparities, particularly affecting women. In response, CITUB is proposing a directive aimed at eliminating salary secrecy in the workplace, advocating for greater transparency and equity.

CITUB Vice President Todor Kapitanov emphasized the need to address the pervasive practice of salary secrecy, which often leads to unequal pay for employees performing identical roles. Under the proposed directive, companies would be obligated to disclose the starting salaries of their employees on their websites, ensuring transparency and accountability in remuneration practices.

"The directive aims not only to address gender pay gaps but also to standardize salary structures for employees in similar positions," Kapitanov stated, highlighting the importance of establishing clear criteria for salary determination.

However, Associate Professor Shteryo Nozharov, an economic advisor at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, expressed reservations about the feasibility and implications of implementing such a directive. Nozharov argued that comparing salaries across different industries and positions is inherently complex and cautioned against hastily adopting the proposed measures.

While acknowledging the intention behind the directive, Nozharov raised concerns about the potential economic impact, citing increased financial and administrative burdens on businesses. Maintaining detailed records of employee pay could impose significant pressure on companies, leading to accelerated inflation and operational challenges.

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