Greece in Americans’ top five

[InTime News]

Overseas markets, such as the US, Australia, China, Japan, Korea and Canada, from where the air journey to Greece takes more than 10 hours, offer scope for significant further development of Greek tourism.

Most of the travelers from those markets belong to the upper income classes and usually their daily expenditure per capita is significantly higher than that of other nationalities, such as those from the main European markets, namely Germany, France, Italy and also the United Kingdom, which are the backbone of Greek tourism.

This is according to the Long-Haul Travel Barometer (LHTB), the latest survey by the European Travel Commission and Eurail BV on a broad sample of respondents in those overseas markets about their travel intentions in 2024.

The same data rank Greece fifth along with Austria in the preferences of Americans as well as Australians who intend...

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