Acting PM Glavchev Declines Meeting with Radev, Proposes Himself as Foreign Minister

Acting Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev has declined a scheduled meeting with President Rumen Radev, citing a proposal for him to also take on the role of Foreign Minister in addition to his prime ministerial duties. This decision comes amidst ongoing discussions regarding potential ministerial changes within the Bulgarian government.

Initially, Glavchev had demanded replacements for the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture, alleging inadequate performance in their respective roles. However, discussions between Glavchev and Radev regarding potential replacements have faced complications, with the president expressing reservations about certain candidates.

One such candidate, Daniel Mitov, declined an offer to assume the position of Foreign Minister, stating his desire to avoid becoming a point of contention. Despite ongoing dialogue between Glavchev and incumbent Foreign Minister Stefan Dimitrov, Glavchev remains steadfast in his call for change, emphasizing the importance of trust and efficacy in ministerial roles.

Following Mitov's refusal, Glavchev proposed a novel solution - for himself to assume the role of Foreign Minister. Radev commented on this proposal, advising Glavchev to further consider the implications of such a decision.

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