Bulgaria's Nurgyul Salimova Secures Draw in Candidates Tournament Final

In a riveting finale at the Tournament of Challengers for the World Chess Title in Toronto, Nurgyul Salimova, the 20-year-old Bulgarian chess sensation, concluded her debut with a draw against Russia's Aleksandra Goryachkina after a grueling 59-move match. While Salimova secured the seventh spot with 5.5 points, Goryachkina's performance fell short of expectations, landing her in fifth place with 7 points.

In the upcoming World Chess Championship, China's Tan Zhongyi solidifies her position following her triumph in Toronto. During the decisive 14th round, Tan Zhongyi managed to secure a draw while playing with the black pieces against Ukraine's Anna Muzychuk. Tan's masterful play earned her a total of 9 points, clinching the top position and the coveted opportunity to challenge her compatriot, Jiu Wenjun, for the world title. Tan's journey to the top was marked by five wins, eight draws, and only one loss, reaffirming her status as a formidable force in the world of chess.

Tan Zhongyi's ascent to the pinnacle of the chess world echoes her previous triumph in 2017 when she clinched the world title, joining the esteemed ranks of female chess luminaries.

Following closely behind Tan is Indian prodigy Humpy Koneru, who secured second place with 7.5 points, showcasing her formidable prowess. Not far behind, Chinese player Lei Tingjie and Indian contender Vaishali Rameshbabu concluded their campaigns with equal merit, each tallying impressive scores.

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