Israeli military intel chief resigns amid ‘new step’ in war

Israel's military intelligence chief has resigned after taking responsibility for failures leading to the Hamas attack on Oct. 7, 2023, the military said on April 22, as Israel carried out more shelling in war-battered Gaza overnight.

General Aharon Haliva is the first top Israeli official to step down for failing to prevent the Hamas attack, which triggered the war in Gaza and brought the government and military under intense scrutiny in Israel.

"The intelligence division under my command did not live up to the task we were entrusted with," Haliva said in his resignation letter.

"I carry that black day with me ever since, day after day, night after night. I will carry the horrible pain of the war with me forever," he wrote.

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid welcomed the resignation, saying it was "justified and dignified."

In a message to mark Jewish holiday of Passover, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to "deliver additional and painful blows" to Hamas in Gaza.

"In the coming days, we will increase the military and political pressure on Hamas because this is the only way to free our hostages," he said in a video statement.

Israel estimates that 129 captives remain in Gaza, including 34 who the military says are dead.

Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said in a televised statement that "the chief of staff has approved the next steps for the war," without offering details.

"On Passover, it will be 200 days of captivity for the hostages… We will fight until you return home to us," he said.

The promise of more military pressure came amid growing global opposition to Israel's offensive in Gaza, which has turned vast areas of the territory into rubble and sparked a dire...

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