Global Freelance Rates: Bulgaria Secures 15th Spot in Professional Salary Rankings

Bulgaria holds the 15th spot worldwide in terms of average salaries for individuals engaged in freelance professions, boasting an average wage of $148.

Freelancing is a contractual profession where individuals, known as "freelancers," leverage their skills and expertise to offer services to various clients, rather than being formally employed by a single organization.

A recent study conducted by software company Bookipi, utilizing data from the Upwork platform, delved into the realm of freelance rates across 40 different nations. The investigation aimed to uncover the average compensation received by freelancers across various services such as logo design, video editing, and data entry.

Surprisingly, Colombia is positioned as the nation hosting the most cost-effective freelancers, with an average rate of $72.13 per job. Following closely behind is Brazil, securing the second spot with an average fee of $79.81, trailed by Argentina at $80.84, clinching the second place of most economical country to engage a freelance virtual assistant.

Venturing further down the list, Jamaica captures the fourth spot with an average rate of $88.63, while Venezuela wraps up the top five with a price tag of $93.41 for freelance services.

On the flip side, Australia stands out as the home of the priciest freelancers, with an average job costing $594.56. India comes next in line as the second most expensive country for freelance services, charging an average rate of $501 per job, followed by Morocco in third place with an average price of $402 per job.

Commenting on the findings, Tim Lee, CEO and founder of Bookipi, noted, "Typically, countries with stable economies and high living standards are inclined to host the most expensive...

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