Bulgarian Farmers to Receive BGN 300 Million Aid Amid Russia-Ukraine Crisis

In a bid to support its agricultural sector amidst the ongoing tensions stemming from Russia's war against Ukraine, Bulgaria announces a significant aid package for farmers. Close to 52,000 farmers are set to benefit from the allocation of BGN 300 million in State aid by May 15, 2024, citing his Union's press release issued on Thursday.

Georgi Stoyanov, chairman of the Bulgarian Farmers Union, lauded the caretaker Government's efforts in restoring dialogue with the agricultural sector. Stoyanov highlighted the proactive approach taken by caretaker Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev and Minister of Agriculture and Food, Georgi Tachov, in prioritizing the agricultural sector within the Bulgarian economy.

According to Stoyanov, the caretaker government's inclusive approach brought together representatives from more than 50 branch organizations in the agriculture sector for discussions. This concerted effort aimed to address the challenges faced by farmers and underscored the importance of unity in navigating turbulent times.

The disbursement of aid funds, initially agreed upon by the Denkov cabinet earlier in the year following public protests, was set to be completed by April 22. These funds, totaling BGN 170 million for producers of fruit, vegetables, and livestock, and BGN 120 million for grain producers, received approval from Brussels in March.

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