Zelensky's Resolve: Ukraine to Compensate for Delayed US Aid

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has pledged to take all necessary measures to compensate for the six-month delay in receiving a new 61 billion dollar US aid package. His remarks come in the wake of US President Joe Biden's approval of an initial 1 billion USD arms supply to Kyiv, part of a broader package aimed at supporting Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, and Taiwan.

Addressing the delay, Zelensky expressed determination, stating, "Now we will do everything to compensate for half a year spent in disputes and doubts." He emphasized Ukraine's commitment to countering Russian aggression and thwarting any further plans by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Recent reports reveal that the United States has covertly dispatched long-range ATACMS missiles to Kyiv in the past few weeks. These missiles have reportedly been utilized in two separate instances of combat, targeting an airport in Crimea and locations in southeastern Ukraine. The Pentagon allocated unspent funds from its budget last month to facilitate this arms transfer.

Responding to these developments, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov voiced concerns, asserting that the provision of "such dangerous weapons to Ukraine threatens the security" of Crimea, newly annexed Russian territories, and other cities within Russia. He highlighted instances where Russian defenses intercepted ATACMS missiles.

In a parallel move, Kyiv has imposed restrictions on the issuance of national and international passports for Ukrainian men aged between 18 and 60. These individuals will now only be able to obtain such documents within Ukrainian territory, with consular services temporarily suspended for this demographic.

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