Police officer shoots colleagues, kills 2 in Adıyaman

An investigation has been initiated into a deadly incident at a police station in the southeastern province of Adıyaman as an officer opened fire on his colleagues and killed two superiors, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya has announced.

The assailant, identified as S.U.Ş., discharged his service weapon at other officers at around 8:15 a.m. on April 27, the minister said in a social media post.

The attacking officer was eliminated with a gunshot wound to the leg and subsequently apprehended, with official authorities refraining from disclosing the origins of the altercation.

Following the incident, numerous ambulances were dispatched to the scene, where two police chiefs, critically injured, succumbed to their wounds upon arrival at the hospital.

Adıyaman Governor Osman Varol lamented the loss, stating, "Our police chief superintendent and the team commander superintendent were promptly transported to the hospital. Despite all emergency interventions, both unfortunately succumbed to their injuries, becoming martyrs. The police officer who carried out the attack has also been neutralized with injuries and is currently under state supervision in the hospital. There are no other casualties reported."

Both the Interior Ministry and the Governor's Office, in their respective written statements, affirmed the initiation of a comprehensive investigation into the incident.

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