Athens mayor meets with counterpart in Istanbul

[Haris Doukas/City of Athens/Via Facebook]

Athens Mayor Haris Doukas met with his Istanbul counterpart Ekrem Imamoglu on Wednesday, during the second day of a visit to the Turkish city, with the two officials vowing closer cooperation.

Doukas congratulated the Istanbul mayor on his victory in the March 31 elections and stressed that his administration is committed to "work closely for the well-being of our citizens and the progress of our historic cities," noting that "cities and mayors can play a crucial role in promoting peace, synergies and progress."

Referring to the upcoming European Parliament elections, the Athens mayor said he would continue his contacts with local officials in other cities, "so that progressive voices against populism and intolerance prevail." 

Doukas also invited Imamoulu to Athens, with the Istanbul mayor responding that he would like that visit to take place "as soon as...

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