Iran Threatens Shift in its Nuclear Doctrine

Tensions escalate in the Middle East as Iran issues a stark warning, signaling a potential shift in its nuclear doctrine in response to perceived threats from Israel. Kamal Kharazi an advisor to Iran's supreme leader, issued the statement, raising concerns about the country's intentions regarding nuclear weapons.

"We have no decision to build a nuclear bomb, but if Iran's existence is threatened, there will be no choice but to change our military doctrine," Kharazi declared, echoing the sentiments of Iranian leadership amidst growing geopolitical tensions.

The statement comes amidst longstanding international scrutiny over Iran's nuclear program and its compliance with international agreements. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had previously banned the development of nuclear weapons through a fatwa issued in the early 2000s, reiterating this stance in 2019. However, recent remarks by Iranian officials have hinted at a potential reevaluation of this position.

In 2021, Iran's then-intelligence minister suggested that Western pressure could compel Tehran to reconsider its stance on nuclear weapons, adding fuel to speculations about the country's intentions. The latest statement by Harazi underscores the delicate balance of power in the region and the complexities surrounding Iran's nuclear ambitions.

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