Crisis Unresolved: Gaza's Plight Deepens as Talks Falter

Israeli airstrikes targeted areas in Rafah on Thursday, as reported by Palestinian residents, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed US President Joe Biden's warning of withholding weapons from Israel if it attacks the southern Gaza city. Late Thursday, a senior Israeli official announced the conclusion of the latest round of indirect talks in Cairo aimed at halting hostilities in Gaza, affirming Israel's intent to proceed with its operation in Rafah and other parts of the Gaza Strip.

Israel has conveyed its reservations to mediators regarding Hamas' proposal for releasing hostages, with Netanyahu vowing to combat the situation resolutely. In Gaza, Palestinian groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad claimed their fighters retaliated by launching anti-tank rockets and mortars at Israeli tanks amassed on the eastern outskirts of the city.

Reports from Rafah indicated casualties resulting from Israeli attacks, with videos showing damaged infrastructure and casualties amid the rubble. Furthermore, an Israeli airstrike on residential houses in Rafah's Sabra neighborhood claimed several lives, including that of a senior commander of a fighting brigade and his family. Israel alleges Hamas fighters are concealed in Rafah, where civilians seek refuge amid ongoing bombardment.

Meanwhile, the White House reiterated its hope that Israel would refrain from a full-scale operation in Rafah, expressing skepticism about its effectiveness in achieving Israel's objectives. However, Israel's ambassador to the United States criticized Biden's stance, arguing it sends the wrong message to Hamas.

Efforts to negotiate a ceasefire in Cairo involved delegations from Hamas, Israel, the US, Egypt, and Qatar. Despite some progress, no agreement was reached, with...

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