Djuric voices concern over pressure on BiH ambassador to UN in Geneva

BELGRADE - Serbian FM Marko Djuric said on Monday the Serbian MFA had been informed that Bosnia and Herzegovina's ambassador to the UN in Geneva was under pressure over his positions on a Srebrenica resolution and, more broadly, over the situation in the BiH.

In a statement to Tanjug, Djuric said the information, which indicates potential threats to the security of Ambassador Bojan Vujic, who is a Serb, was a reason for concern.

"We sincerely hope that rule of law and democratic processes, including the way decisions are made on these matters, will be honoured within the BiH and that there will be no persecutions of diplomats over expressed positions reflecting policies advocated by at least one of the entities, as we have seen that some other diplomats who are expressing the positions of other entities face no consequences. In any case, what is very important is...

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